I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

19 April 2018

blue bird blue burrd ah

blue bird blue burrd ah
bee bee bee, sha sha sha shhhhhha,
slo-w slow sl ohhh wah
ri-ght down
cause 'm' fee  lin a grooooove into he mo'ment
rockin' a slip sidah
ways rightah ways swa ahhhh ya
hips skin ned blue
bbbb air     
on the flu oarrr
moovin a splll.it.
rockin' a cradle lonesum
me sell ful ah
gggrooove  n  a
         loowah grrrowwwl
deep in
siii dah too siidahh
ahh yahh haha
wrap pinn mah arrms wiiide
rouundah miisellfah
tooo long lost
onnnnnn a dustah faar aawayy  shhhelf
it jus fe eels ohh sooo righ  tite
too sliipah  into the hhookah
ovvve the king ovvve the blues
Imma hhoooked
Johhnnn Lee

experimental transcription of the mood in essence of late night listenin'\dancin' story-tellin' with John Lee Hooker


  1. Oh I love this!!!! When listen to certain music, it's like picking up someone's accent from being around them, I start channeling it, and it's a groove. Just this morning I was listening to Little Walter. I found him by watching the movie "Cadillac Records" and became a fan. Did you know that the very first concert I ever saw, at 17, was Howlin' Wolf opening for BB King? Awesome. I also saw Luther Allison. So you know I busted out in a huge grin reading this. LOVE IT!

    1. go figure, here I am late night, listening and all that & am thinking on how to translate how music is a language unto itself, never mind the addition of lyrics - and how the fuck you can then, try to take this "primal beat", this extremely instinctive response, (which scientists have now begun to understand is our actual first response in life - to sound - ) and put it into words .... so I just sit myself down and toy and play ... and here you show and are like yowza! ... LOL ... yeah, go figure ... it's an interesting concept and a really tough exercise .....

      Holy Crap - now that is a first of firsts that must have been an incredible experience, mind blowing really. Whoop! What a concert, I can only imagine. Hot damn!

  2. ps--am in love with your tigah header. I want to bring her a villager soooo bad! Half a villager? A hand or somepin? Pleeeeease?

    1. LOL - as you wish, she is amiable to all kinds of delicious

  3. Replies
    1. really? okay then .... I'm more than good with it ....

  4. music is it's own language with a labyrinth of cultures and sub cultures where the soul can travel...


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