I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

21 April 2018

genetics will joust - little boy blue blows his horn

you curried no favours when you were two
phrasing yourself a hammerhead sperm
crowned in a papier-mâché mask, painted glowworm blue -
mother firmly pursed her lips and I wondered
if you had slipped some glue into her stew
as her lips turned a delicious shade of cyanide white -
and much to your delight, fair-haired cherub
you donned a crocheted cushion half-stuffed loose
wearing this rose-petals in pinks skirt like cupid
ran screeching in bursts
guppying big "oh oh ohhhs" as if oxygen was ink
as mother set her face to me, fuming
smoke spuming in the slow exhale of nostrils aflare
her eyes aglow in accusation
damp squib for all my worth -
and you smiled, laughed and clapped
swung your hips in a curvy dance, screeching
I Am Pagan
as mother ratcheted her smile
a few notches tighter -
and I swore, the dragon lady's scales glowed a little brighter -
but it was nana who always intervened
whipping you up into her cradling arms
as I saw watching, quietly forgot -
but you see baby boy, I didn't
- we're older, I'm bolder and this is show and tell
but I admit, I never did swell more than on the day
when you dared -
and first played peek-a-willie and sprayed
mother's pristine white petunias
her face crumpling like sodden tissues
knowing her defeat, the great lady dragon queen
bested, again, by man's best friend,
even as gifted to her by her sacred little treasure

for: Real Toads - Day 21, Mythical Creatures
Brendan offered a wonderful prompt, but since I don't usually delve deeply into mythical, and my brain is resting comfortably in a specimen jar, this is a bit of stuff'n'nonsense. A prose-poem jaunt into the land of wild imaginations and hallucinations.


  1. Glue in the stew and "guppying" as an invented berb. Love it. These Dragon Queens deserve any spraying they get. Goddess knows they're full of poisonous weevils.

    1. a bit of an imaginative romp - nothing like playing with the proverbial Dragon Lady Queen and the wild innocent child

  2. I love your wild imagination and new mythology. You had me right there with you, believing....

    1. thanks Rosemary ~ I had some fun with this, just pulling ideas to try to keep my wits about me during this long writing month!


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