I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

27 April 2018

gently child, rock the cradle gently, child

gently child, rock the cradle gently, child
the perfect silver plated lead frame
incubating the moon's maw
musty laced pram of once fine porcelain teeth
yields to terracotta sun bleached lichened rot
digging my toes into the cold chamber heart
fingers palpate earth
soon to spoon, feed hungry mouths
not mewling and spitting
but deep green sprouts
scything the moon's blood time

plated for our host Hedge @ Verse Escape: Friday 55


  1. This has a feel of birth and earth, of the winter yielding its barrenness up to the hungry sun, and of our own hands deep in soil that's fed by the 'moon's blood time." Each image is just packed with visual impact and visceral intensity...as a gardener, I can say I have often felt like this poem makes me feel, kneeling before the womb of life, digging in to the bits of rot winter has left and turning them under to make the cradle for summer's children. A really rich and fertile 55, that combines life and death in the earth dance the way it should be done. Thanks so much for playing this week, willow.

    1. thanks Hedge!

      It's weird, I've spent over 20 years working with plants, gardens, creating for clients, etc. Digging. Turning. Watching. Waiting. And yet, it's almost a language so foreign to me, probably because I did it for so long for others ~ too many who just "never got real dirty with it" - so to even begin to scratch below the surface to impart and impact this incredible natural unfolding? I find it hard to capture the essences.

  2. I love your words. Even the tags.

  3. Those seedlings look really creepy close up. I am a sucker for any poetry that takes a well-known topic and throws it on its head... this little baby hit the ground running.

    1. LOL - they do, don't they? These are for micro greens, or spouts, like mung beans, etc. as opposed to other types - but it's still a world so intense, all this plant life .... and to think, 80% of all plant life is actually in the oceans - not of they land. So much as yet unknown.

      LOL@throwing things on their heads ... sounds like a tantrum! But that's me - maybe I spent too much time as a kid upside down, doing handstands against walls, and just hanging around like a grounded bat.


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