I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

16 April 2018

Master and Commander

Master and Commander
I would have walked a nautical mile for you
not fathoming the swell of the tides
how far below the barnacles it meant to die
cupped in a rusty nail clustered bed
to slake my thirst
but the crone moon, fair lady other-wise knew
so I drowned myself in a slow-melt hell
no amount of fingered wishing-whiskey brew could cool
it was the sinuous elixir of the one
of the transluicence blue bottle that saved me
equal in measure, shot-for-shot, of you -
to slake, I willing bathed, deep drank under the skin
of the purple-blue bruised berry
believing the illusion of a master
who never commanded, or held any key to treasure
dove beyond the profound penetration
of the sea's embryonic screams
I, part tempest in a tea-cup
part Fury dying to lie, in your linen sheets
who came to truth in
courting the after-burn of white lightning
the liberty of the only bedskin I needed
was sailcloth
for eye\I was the one, the perfect storm

image: don't know the attribution 


  1. Oh, those last 7 lines, woman! "Bedskin"....put THAT in your Webster's and serve it neat. I guess i should say first how much I love that image of the stormy cup! And I see that your tigah has had her rest and is now ready for fillet of villager with a side of baby peas. She's way too cool.

    Now then. I realize that the after-burn of white lightning is an alcoholic reference, but tbh, I only realized that the second time through. I like it better as actual lightning. What would *that* afterburn be like? Oh! You sly thing.

    Masters who don't command (anything) are dull indeed, and should be thrown overboard or keelhauled. I want to see thisperson's enlistment papers. What branch? What country? What do they have to say for themselves? Hmmf. Sometimes we see what we think is a mermaid, but its a dugong. Think we see Poseidon, but it's Charlie the Tuna. Time for more welcoming climes.

    1. LOL@ fillet of villager with a side of baby peas ... now that's an interesting idea to mine ....

      LOL@ sly thing - white lightning is open to interpretations, yes? and technically, yes, I was referring to the alcohol - as in Bombay Sapphire Gin - it's beyond gorgeous this elixir, but the (hopefully) added bonus of "poetry" (remember, I write stories, and my "poems" are more "impressions" - layers) is to allow for the soaking as the reader most appreciates ... so, it's all good for me ~ as you wish, oh Queen of the Firewater words - I know, just don't call ya Lotus!

      and I'm so busting a gut @ Charlie the Tuna. I wonder if he stinks?

      And yeah, thanks alot! (snarky tone set aside) - actually, "fresh eyes" are the best -
      I think you're onto something - the last 7 lines could stand alone and "tell the story" .... see? see? see the damn problems a word/nerd like me has? sigh my Webster is Black Widowed.

      But seriously, good point, and thanks, I do appreciate it. ๐Ÿƒ
      yeah, I'm feeling oddly "leafy" today


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