I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

29 April 2018

second skin blues, oh man - amazing grace

second skin blues, oh man - amazing grace
I'm sulking for the suds in this claw toothed tub
soaping my hips for the ache of you cradling me from behind

Sitting on the floor as we were, as we are
my blinding rage, fury, lust, left in the dust of mistrust
self-loathing, hate, directed at you

Even as I grew, Buddha bowl-bellied
or slaked my hunger to waning moonthin awareness
you never lied, I despised you for this more, wanting to score
wounds, razor slash angst against your soothing thighs

I wet finger raspberry patch cotton
drift away from these thorns, alight on a blossom's kiss
running barefoot heeled, for the drop and scrape of knees
dirty hands on your skin, your easy laugh at
my earthenware spines, - it's a simple mess to clean after a slow glass of wine

These spellbinding crafts of patching, working
rock me back to now, to your silver blue tooth truths
this skin, yours, mine, ours
hours lost, found forever, imprinted, skin to skin
I thread my needle one last time
sew my eyes shut, consign you as sister, -  my saving grace

for Real Toads: Fireblossom Friday: This Is (Almost) The End

Fireblossom asks us to write about the "almost end" - the moments, time, just before something is done, is inevitably close to hand.

image source: unknown ~ all I know is that the technique is an example of Boro - the Japanese version of mending, which is all "trending" much like "Folklore Mending" - which makes me think, seriously people? Can we drop the weird name branding?! Incidentally, these are "men's jeans" - not Boyfriend Jeans. There is a difference.


  1. So many wonderful images in this poem, and a wealth of emotions. I would have to quote too many lines. I like "Buddha bowl bellied" best!

  2. You had me going there for a minute... I wouldn't be surprised if some name brand jeans didn't come begging you for copy. I'd buy a pair if they promised to be this awesome.

    1. sometimes I think I should write copy too - I can sell milk to an overstocked milkman (that's the "polite copy" version) ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      nothing like slipping into the best second skin that is as trusted, tired and true blue as ... or anything else that comes to be the one worn fave. ๐Ÿƒ

  3. Lol. I was doing this mending back in the late 60's. The last lines make me think if my best friend, since 1973.

    1. only the names change? history repeats itself, under new/old fashion guises - but some relationships endure

      thanks for stopping in Toni

  4. Second skin or alter ego? Yes, wonderful images! (Also the photo.)

    1. Interesting note - alter ego - yes, in some ways, that's very astute and accurate!

  5. "moonthin"..I like that. First I thought you were talking about a lover. Then jeans. Then, no, a lover. But no, jeans.
    Well anyway, it's fun to read!

    1. LOL - that was/is the point? It could be either/or - and whose to say that something so favoured, in some ways, isn't the "ultimate" lover, especially when worn so close to the skin ...

  6. This is just stellar... all the images and rage... I really love the third stanza, especially:
    "you never lied, I despised you for this more, wanting to score
    wounds," To me this is so real...

    1. thanks Bjorn! funny, it's a bit like looking in a mirror and admitting to oneself the "truths" - where any distortions, ideals, wishful thinking etc. just can't be hidden .... and the ensuing tumult of emotions spills out ...


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