I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

23 April 2018

untitled (set fire to the soul, kiss the sky)

Oh Dance me in a sweep of arms strong but yielding
field me in sheets from which I will Arise, burning aglow
the song on my lips a Necklace, petalled by your kiss, so sweet and low
knock me weak-knees, a Dizzy drop from starbed to blindshine bright
in the Ethereal blow of blowzy breath
Lay me down again to wed in this yellow dress
cursing the Infernal pleasures
as Only you know how to seed
until I am Nothing more than
the Score of my secret desires, unhinged, wild and free


Susie offered us several quotes from poets born in April as our source of inspiration. I chose the following, naturally, being a wild bedhead dreamer, the Dandelion Contessa. 

"A fresh and vigorous weed, always renewed and renewing, it will cut its wondrous way through rubbish and rubble." William Jay Smith

©Berkeley Breathed ~ Bloom County
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  1. The tying together of so many concurrent images is well done. Is it human sexual or is it the blooming of a new season which is sexual in a different light? In either case it is well done, and expressive of every desire.

    I would have thought, regarding your comment on TWM that another poet would (or should) never hesitate to offer opinion or comment; please do not be a stranger or just look in and see. Stop, smell what is there, look at the sights crafted and lay either hand or hardship upon it. I am not immune to criticism of critique.

    Be Well P.A.Kynda Palazy

    1. thanks so much for stopping in here - what a pleasant surprise.

      and I appreciate your thoughts, and generous comments -

      I can be a bit shy (some here are probably snorting and falling off their chairs at the thought, trying to contain their wild laughter for my usual enthusiastic nature) but generally, I can be a bit shy to show up and start leaving comments - and your poem, is so well written, and clearly, powerful - not only for the passion, the research into this ongoing issue - but also, the hard questions, and well, it just totally moved me.

      thanks again for the warm welcome
      Pat ๐Ÿƒ

  2. This is a real "dandy". ;-) I have never seen anything so well-written about a dandelion before. Especially that last line.

    I also like spam, spam, spam, spam, that cartoon, spam spam and spam!

    1. I am so into dandelions .... it's literally insane. I live breathe the passion and the importance, critical importance of these beauties. So uh, yeah, sometimes I slip into this "zone" - LOL -

      oh yeah, Bloom County - they were such a motley lovable bunch!

  3. This is amazing. Goodness, how you managed to write it is beyond my talent. I too love dandelions. I have written about them several times. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge!

    1. thanks Susie ~ I am a mad passionate affair with them, so I could write about them, probably forever ... LOL -

  4. Oh, gorgeous wild poem, startling yet satisfying acrostic, and the wee cartoon is (er) delicious!

    1. thanks Rosemary!

      LOL@the cartoon - Bloom County was a hugely popular comic strip in N.A. what? back in the 80s and 90s - featuring lovable, but totally odd characters, like Opus the penguin, and Steve Dallas (womanizer pseudo no-do-gooder) etc. in short, a "motley" crew of people and creatures you'd find in a small town/county - and it was not just hysterically odd, but offered up some really cool "life insights" etc. They really offered up the best of the best, in terms of great comic strippers.


thanks for sharing your thoughts, I greatly appreciate it.