I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

8 June 2018

untitled (listen for the coupling)

listen for the liquid cup
fool out on a salt belly sail
champagne clouds slow laugh it a soft sky
I, naked born marble lie
windowing desire in need of men
to ocean a corduroy embrace
sacred for fat-eye porcelain
smoking over a hard lip
as old as this universe -
go, go -  fathering it wild

for Hedge's Friday 55 @ Verse Escape

image: listed as public domain: originally by: Gerry & Bonni (CC BY 2.0)


  1. Well, as an old hippie girl, I really love this, and I really have felt this way--the best times of my life, actually. The first two lines make a dynamite hook, and the poem unfolds from them cinematically, full of life and exhilaration and the peace that comes from knowing yourself and that something integral, transcendant and vital is about to be realized, made flesh, gratified. I love the corduroy, I love the plural, I love every word. Sometimes you can string words like this and they remain separated and only themselves--here they become a necklace of emotional jewels. I am just so glad you wrote this--this place is one which fades over time, but is never forgotten, and it was so enjoyable to feel it vibrant and kaleidoscopically vivid again--thank you. And I hope I've read it correctly--if not, you now know exactly where *I'm* at. ;_) Thanks for playing 55.(--imo, if they turn out, the hardest ones to make are usually the best ones. )

    1. Thanks so much Joy! I'm really delighted (in an unexpected way) that your interpretation is such as it is.
      As for your reading, as I mentioned on Verse, no need to apologize or consider it anything other than its value.
      I was word/phrase stitching - with vague ideas at best. So this just adds something really interesting and dynamic, another aspect/facet that I will absorb and let simmer, for maybe this 55 will lead me into something more, and perhaps, more tangibly clear in my mind.
      So from one "I was too young to be a hippie" (this life time) but right on the cusp and ending of this era, child (and I swear, I must have "recycled" quickly back to this realm [carrying god only knows what shadowed baggage and light starred seeds]) - I dance, at least in spirit, forever wild.

  2. A maenad whirl for me here, intoxicated, bent and pent and blent with the procreative, annihilating Dance ... As a net, this skein of 55 words catches something maybe you'll find a more voluptuous ground for in a coming--another, maybe both--poem. At least a rapture leaning toward a heavier purple, the thundercrack sigh. I'm like H -- over the erotic hills -- but so love the drum-urgent sound of this. And like a Dionysian orgy, I'm not sure which image or line to thank.

    1. thanks Brendan!

      this is a bit of a right hot mess, indeed - or, perhaps oceanic cool? I haven't decided, entirely on a specific direction, but I think your gist is adding something, as of yet not word-named .... it certainly was of/in my mind, but as you know, 55 can, in some instances, be both curse and blessing. Yes, drum urgent too. hmmm .... maybe later ... maybe later .... off to add this to the cauldron ...

  3. A slow laughed champagne sky. Whoa. I think this is what I have been, a salt-bellied lil snail making mad dashes over decades to find this n that, the thing that i think I need at any given time. Then I end up tipping over the lip of a cup, wondering how i got there; after all, it all seemed to happen so fast.

    1. LOL@ I think this is what I have been ....
      well, isn't this, in some way, the nature of the beasts - both within and without ourselves - the internal/externals wrestling and seeking for what we "think" we need - and interesting point and counterpoint you bring in your comment: snails aren't exactly quick to the point/finish - but then you mention making mad dashes .... LOL - I can relate to this too. Time wanders in mysterious ways. Some believe it's the accumulations along the way, and how much at the end ... I think, it's all a process - we can't take it when we "go" - anyhow .... unless we are of the goddess spectrum ๐Ÿ˜‚

      thanks for popping in and adding your cents my lovely


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