I take back what you have stolen and in your languages I announce I am now nameless.
My true name is a growl.
Margaret Atwood

10 July 2018

the end of an affair

I suspect I will be taking some time away from the Tiger -
it was borne on paws for a specific project, and may have very well run its course -
which is fine - this is how I run/work -
it will rest here, quietly -
and in the other worldly realm, I will be writing in another space - you will easily find me, poking and probing in links -

so for now, rest easy Tigah - and thank you for your guardianship 

and for all who have shared their thoughts, in comments, in emails etc. - most graciously - thank you! 

8 July 2018

untitled (love's labours lost)

of what measure -
hand-sifted flour before the pressure
kneading dough
the slightly tart scent
of bee balm
stately in wild winds
a sweet flower
but only for the hummingbird's beak
(I envy whirring wings)
and of the marvel of an egg
yellow disc slipping
held on the ringing bowl
rimmed crack
such easy viscosity
of simple curiosity
so tiny this jeweled bird
yielding an egg
I compare its size to a button
(I smell yeast's sharpness)
see her focused, turning plying
stretching in an apron so stained
soiled after hundreds of flour bleached washings
a bottom lip slightly out-put
in the final punch down
this bun wed to the oven
only a memory on my tongue
as her blouse strains
under pressure of breasts
swinging in alphabetic-numerical code constraints
(I am in awe of this secret, tough love tender language)
waiting for the rise and fall
of easier breath

[labouring to make bread]

written for Paul's Peace is every Step @ Real Toads
(not linking up as the prompt was on July 5th)

6 July 2018

untitled (the echoes call to the road)

you bend at the waist, a figure 8
as infinity died in his eyes for the wanting of this curve
(a heart still beats arrhythmic)
and he sings algorithms because it's his only language
a pebble stuck in your sandal as you walk
(ghostly caravan's bells ring) 
echoing, you left a note: E=mc squared

Friday 55 is temporarily "on hiatus" - but there is no reason not to work 55 words into something, so with thoughts to Joy -